Monday, July 17, 2006

Versa Angle Wide Body Brush

Versa Angle Wide Body Brush, Supreme Shine Microfibers & Tyre dressing applicator pads. Thought of trying out this brush to use when washing larger vehicles (SUV/MPV).

The brush comes packaged with the brush head and a long handle. The handles are interchangable with the longer telescopic handle or the short handle (MG Versa Angle series). Upon closer inspection, the end of the brush bristles are split into finer threads which provides a rather plush and soft feel. I have always been doubtful about using brushes on paint finishes as these tend to instill scratches and swirls. I'll most likely be using this brush for the lower door panels and bumpers only. Washing of upper body portions-wash mitt. We'll see how it performs once its been put to use.

The handle fits securely onto the brush head, to prevent the brush from detaching easily while washing. Hence removing the handle requires abit of effort. One nice touch is that the handle can be fitted both ways, giving you two angles.

Tyre dressing applicator pads-Makes spreading of dressings easier and absorbs any excess product.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Washing & Drying

To minimize swirls when washing our cars, the use of a proper wash mitt is recommended. I have so far tried 3 of Meguiar's wash mitts available, from left: Deep Pile Chenile Wash Mitt, Ultimate Microfibre Wash Mitt, Ultra Plush Wash Mitt.

The Deep Pile Chenile Wash Mitt(white) feels the most plush among the three, and the 'nap' is thicker on both the Ultra Plush & Deep Pile. However the DP being very plush also has its downside as it tends to shred quite abit during the first few initial washes. After about 5-6 washes, it no longer shreds that much. In terms of size, both the DP & UP are larger than the Ultimate Wash Mitt (which has been discontinued), so it can be rather difficult to keep the mitts from sliding out if your palms are small. Both the DP & UP seem to clean & pick up dirt better than the Ultimate Wash Mitt, attributed to the higher density of fibres.

Note the greyish Ultimate Wash Mitt after 8 months of use.

Wash mitt, shampoo & drying cloth.

2 bucket method. One holds the shampoo solution and the other is to rinse the mitt after every panel.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Vios Detailing

Found some time to detail the Vios yesterday. As usual, I proceeded by taping up the edges, then as I went around the car evaluating the paintwork condition, there were some defects found. Scuff marks on the lower frame, etching on the right door & left C pillar of what appears to be like dried super glue, and minor swirls.

The usual stuff, M83, M80 & M21 were used. The dried residue required the use of wool pad & M85 Diamond Cut.

After 1 pass of M83. Bits of dust left over if you look carefully.

After M21.

My luck must have bad this weekend as just as I was applying a layer of M21, I heard the mosquito fogging truck nearby... and then I discovered this today..

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Scuff Marks

Here's a Nissan X-Trail with some scuff marks on the rear bumper, left portion.
Used M85 Diamond Cut with wool pad, followed by M83 DACP w/ W8006. Here was the outcome, not bad I would say. Some of the deeper scratches still remain.

Ooooh, Hologram!

Saw this BMW E39 5-Series on the road sometime ago... one with the nastiest holograms I've ever seen on a car!

Mitts & Microfibers

Just gotten my hands on more wash mitts, Supreme Shine MF & Water Magnet Drying Towel. :)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Toy

Finally took the plunge and got myself a Makita 9227C rotary buffer. Woohoo! I've been practising with it the older Corolla.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Etches - Bird Dropping

This is what happens when a bird dropping is left to bake on the surface under the hot sun. It attacks right away, etching right through the clearcoat; usually the severity of it depends on what the bird ate. The next time you get any droppings on your car, remove it as soon as possible.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Some shots after application of #21.