Monday, July 17, 2006

Versa Angle Wide Body Brush

Versa Angle Wide Body Brush, Supreme Shine Microfibers & Tyre dressing applicator pads. Thought of trying out this brush to use when washing larger vehicles (SUV/MPV).

The brush comes packaged with the brush head and a long handle. The handles are interchangable with the longer telescopic handle or the short handle (MG Versa Angle series). Upon closer inspection, the end of the brush bristles are split into finer threads which provides a rather plush and soft feel. I have always been doubtful about using brushes on paint finishes as these tend to instill scratches and swirls. I'll most likely be using this brush for the lower door panels and bumpers only. Washing of upper body portions-wash mitt. We'll see how it performs once its been put to use.

The handle fits securely onto the brush head, to prevent the brush from detaching easily while washing. Hence removing the handle requires abit of effort. One nice touch is that the handle can be fitted both ways, giving you two angles.

Tyre dressing applicator pads-Makes spreading of dressings easier and absorbs any excess product.